Bond Pre-approval


There is nothing worse than spending lots of time house hunting, and eventually making an offer on your dream home, only to find out that the banks decline your loan application. To avoid this kind of disappointment, we strongly advise you to find out what loan you would qualify for before you start looking for a home to buy.

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Having your loan application rejected by the banks can be disappointing and even embarrassing.

We strongly suggest that buyers obtain bond pre-qualification before they even start looking at properties.

Then you can determine how much you are eligible to borrow – and thus the size of the loan for which you are likely to be approved.

A pre-qualification is not a guarantee, but it will help you narrow your home search to properties that you can afford.

SELLERS and AGENTS will also take your offer more seriously and this improves the likelihood of your offer being accepted.

The more information you can supply upfront during pre-qualification, the better your chances of receiving an accurate pre-approval amount. 

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