Valuation – What’s your home worth?

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Whether you are thinking of selling your property, or simply interested in knowing what the current market value is of your property, we would love to do a Comparative Market Analysis of your property in the Durbanville area – it is absolutely free with no strings attached.
This should always be your first step if you are considering the sale of your property.

The Reality Is that the value of your home is determined by what a BUYER is willing to pay in TODAY’S MARKET, based on how they perceive your home COMPARES with others in the same market.

To request a valuation for your property, please complete the following form, or alternatively contact us via email on
(There is absolutely NO COST involved…)
(If you want us to pay you a visit to do the valuation – also no cost involved – you need to only fill in the 1st 6 fields of the form and submit).

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