How to help Pets adjust to a new home

PetsPicture how anxious you might feel if, without warning or explanation, you were taken to an unknown destination where you discovered all of your belongings unpacked into this unfamiliar space. The anxiety builds as evening draws near and nobody shows any signs of returning you home. This is exactly how your pet feels when you relocate. But, there are a few necessary precautions you can take to help them adjust to the new space.

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House rules for keeping Pets in SA

PetsThe amount of views a cat video on Youtube racks up helps us realise how much we love our animals. But, as much as we might love them, there are certain laws by which we need to abide if they want to avoid running into trouble with the authorities. The Animal Protection Act of 1962 sets out regulations for all South African pet owners. Those who choose not to follow these rules will receive a penalty fine of up to R4,000 and can even face imprisonment for a period of twelve months depending on the severity of the action.

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Interest rates remain unchanged

The Monetary Policy Committee announced today (25 May 2017) at its third meeting of the year that the interest rates would remain unchanged once again. This means that the repo rate will stay at 7%, and the prime lending rate remains stable at 10.5%. The rates have stayed at their current figures for well over a year now, having been raised in March last year. Reserve Bank Governor, Lesetja Kganyago, said earlier in the year that the key to keeping interest rates low is to bring inflation down. For the first time since August last year, inflation fell within the target rate of between 3% and 6% last month. The consumer price index (CPI) eased to 5.3% in April, down from the 6.1% in seen March.

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Junk status and the property market

Junk Status04 April 2017: The rating agency, Standard and Poor has downgraded South Africa to sub-investment. It is expected that this will have a negative impact on the housing market and consumers as a whole. “We managed to avoid a downgrade last year but were not as lucky this time around. While Standard & Poor is only one of the rating agencies at this stage, it is likely that Moody’s and Fitch will follow suit and take the same view as S&P,” says Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa.

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Are the housing market scales tipping?

IMG_market_scalesCountrywide, as also seen in the Durbanville property market, there is evidence of a shift in the property market. Is the market slowing down or is it merely shifting into another phase? Property sales statistics suggest that the market is currently in a transition phase with demand for property seeing a decrease during the first half of this year. While the market has favoured sellers for some time, the dynamics are changing and scales seem to be slowly tipping in homebuyers’ favour.

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Location, Location, Location

Durbanville Location

Durbanville, in general, has always been an excellent location to purchase property, as can be seen from the positive historic growth in property prices, and the demand that there always exists for property in Durbanville. All property professionals and estate agents will always agree that location is of utmost importance when considering to purchase a property.

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Avoid first-time buyer mistakes

Cls AchatPurchasing a home for the first time can be a very emotionally driven experience with so many new and exciting things to consider, and sometimes complicated processes to negotiate. Often it can be easy for first-time buyers to get caught up on the smaller details, losing sight of the bigger picture and possibly making mistakes that they will pay for in the future. Here are a few tips to buyers to avoid some common mistakes when purchasing their first home:
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DIY or professional contractor?

Certain household improvements may look easy enough when viewed on TV or the internet, but they are not all as straight-forward as they seem. This brings about the dilemma of doing the project yourself or calling a professional. There are a number of factors homeowners should consider before they decide to embark on a home improvement project without the help of a professional….

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Maximising small spaces

Whether it is because you are retiring and buying a smaller home, moving in with roommates or have just purchased your first start-up home, it can be a big advantage to find ways to maximise the space you have and make the most of what is available, says Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa.

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Is it time to sell your home?

IMG_time-to-sellWith the shortage of property available at the moment, many homeowners may be more inclined to put their property on the market and take advantage of the current conditions. “Inventory shortages have pushed both demand and property prices up with several areas throughout the country experiencing multiple-offer situations,” says Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa. Continue reading »

Tools that every homeowner should posess

IMG_ToolsPurchasing a home is an amazing milestone that most people aspire to, however owning a property comes with certain additional responsibilities such as home maintenance. To ensure that the value of the home is protected and that the occupants of the home remain safe, home maintenance is an extremely important aspect that every homeowner will be required to do at some point. Continue reading »

How to Downsize Efficiently

DownsizeDownsizing from a large, freestanding property to a smaller, more manageable unit can provide several lifestyle benefits for those who are planning to downsize or even retire. Aside from the fact that a smaller home will be far easier to maintain, it also provides the owner with far more freedom to be able to lock-up-and-go any time of the year without worrying about maintenance or the upkeep of the property while they are away. Continue reading »

Is all debt equal?

All debt is the same right? Not exactly, says Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa. “Very often consumers seem to put all debt in the same category, however while all debt is debt, it is not all equal. Identifying the difference between bad debt and what could be considered as potentially good debt will assist consumers to make more informed and better financial decisions moving forward,” Continue reading »

Millennial buyers in today’s market

In most industries it is currently the Generation X consumer, who are 31 to 45 years old, who have the buying power, but it is the younger generation or Millennials (consumers under the age of 30 years old) who will be the future buying power and backbone of all markets going forward.

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